Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here we go. . .

Well, I've jumped in with both feet.  Yesterday I registered for my Seller's Permit, got my d.b.a. form notarized, and I am definitely on my way.  I guess this officially makes me a designer, and can sell my wares as 'baubles, beads, & other curiosities'.

It may sound funny, but it's a little scary for me to put myself out there.  Will people like my work?  Will I be able to part with the items I design and not keep them all for myself?  Will I be able to make some extra money to help support my bauble & bead addiction?  I'm hoping it's a resounding yes to all of the above.

Please stop back from time to time. . .I'd love to share my designs and love of delightful things!

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