Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet my Partner. . .

The partners for the Button Swap Blog Hop were announced, and I am so excited to have been partnered with Cindy Wimmer from Sweet Bead Studio.  :)  Cindy is actually the organizer of the swap, and she shared a picture of her incredible antique and vintage button collection on her blog:

I have always loved buttons, and can remember playing in my Mom's button tin when I was a little girl. . .those buttons are now part of my collection.  There is something about old buttons that makes me wonder what article of clothing they are from, who wore them, and what stories they have to tell.

I look forward to picking out the special buttons to send to Cindy, and am so excited to see what I get to design with from her beautiful collection. 

Stay tuned for pictures along the way, and the final reveal. . .



  1. Mimi, I'm really excited to be your partner in the button swap too! I'm extra thrilled that as it turns out we both love antique buttons. Like you, I often wonder what article of clothing they may have once belonged to, how old they might be - no one can really know for sure - and who they belonged to! I'm going to have fun selecting a group of buttons for you! :-)

  2. I love buttons SO MUCH but so many are in Ball jars. I have to find my box of "never give away" ones!

  3. Can't wait to see the new creations!