Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diamonds in the Rough...

ZNet Shows Wholesale Beads put out a challenge to their Design Team to create pieces utilizing product we could select from a list they provided, as well as a few surprises they would add in.  I could hardly believe all the beautiful items I received to work with!  Of course I was so excited to dig in and start playing, I didn't take a "before" shot.  You would think I would know better, wouldn't you?  I have been able to create 4 pieces so far, and hope to add another few within the coming weeks.  Ready to take a look??

DG303-07    Bone Pendant
CB9-02B   Red Bamboo Coral Beads

The bone pendant just seemed to scream bracelet to me.  I used Vintaj Natural Brass filigree for the main structure of the bracelet, and topped off the pendant with a brass flower and enamel flower.  Both sides of the bracelet are double chains, and one side of the toggle has a cute butterfly and Coral Bead dangles.

BDS371-08 Mother of Pearl Beads 
PDG243-06 Abalone Shell Pendant
Along with gorgeous Shell Beads thrown in for good measure!

This was one of my favorite pieces to work on!  The Abalone Shell donut seemed a perfect fit for a dragonfly, both for it's colors as well as the water it loves so much.  One side of the design is the Shell Beads ZNet Shows included in my packet, and the other is large chain links with Mother of Pearl Bead dangles down it.  It feels so good on...I just may have to keep this one for myself!

BDS371-08 Mother of Pearl Beads 

I was originally going to use two of the other sets of beads I chose from the list to make wrap bracelets.  When I saw the gorgeous Mother of Pearl, I knew it had to be the star of it's own piece.  I used a Czech glass button from my collection as the clasp, and have a small purple rivet attached for a little bling.

PDG290-01  Mauve Shell Flower Pendant
With an added Shell Heart and 2 Rose Cabochons!

I fell in love with the shell heart that showed up at my door step, and the Shell Flower Pendant was just so sweet.  Shell looks so lovely with Vintaj Natural brass, and the filigree addition to the heart really shows off it's natural color.  The Rose Cabochons were wrapped in small filigree and the green added another natural touch of color.

Thank you again to ZNet Shows Wholesale Beads for their generosity and letting me "play" with their products.  I'll definitely let you know when my additional pieces are completed so you can see the other items I had so much fun creating with!

ZNet Shows is having a Blog Hop Reveal with all the designers, as well as a Top 20 Design Contest beginning at midnight.  You can find all the details on their page:

Fingers crossed one of my designs makes the cut!


  1. Very creative designs - love them all!

  2. They're all really pretty, but I think my favorite is the heart shell focal. The vintage filigree really sets it off nicely and I like the way you carried it through with the wrapped roses. Very nice.

  3. All of your designs are so beautiful! I love your bone pendant bracelet - very creative!!

  4. Mimi all of your designs are great. My favorite is the heart shell focal.

  5. Very pretty designs! I LOVE the dragonfly mother of pearl wrap bracelet!

  6. Beautiful work... I like them all but I really like the first bracelet with the enameled flower in the center. It really makes the design pop! Best of luck to you on the challenge!

  7. Oooh, each and every one of your designs is so beautiful. I cannot even begin to decide which one I like the most. They're all just lovely.

  8. I love your necklaces so much! Both are very cool!

  9. I really love asymmetry in your works. The way you use flowers of different size make your creations look amazing!