Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Studio. . .

. . .is totally trashed.  We have been remodeling at our house, and for some reason my studio has turned into the "just put it in there for now" room.  It's got boxes, pieces, parts, tools, and yes. . .even a toilet in it right now!  Seriously?

It's location is perfect when I'm feeling creative.  It's on the main level of the house, and right off the kitchen and living room.  So easy for grabbing a cup of tea or a latte when I'm ready for a break, the bathroom is right across the hall for an easy access water source (and getting rid of the tea or latte), and it's got a door to close out the kitty girls so they aren't playing in all those baubles & beads while we're at work during the day.  Unfortunately, that also makes it perfect for hiding and storing stuff so the rest of the house looks nice while we're in the middle of chaos. 

The last few weeks when I open the door and walk in the room, I stand there feeling overwhelmed for a minute, and then turn around and walk out.  It's very hard to feel inspired to create when I can barely find my workbench. . .although, I could use the toilet for additional seating at one of my workstations! 

I'm hoping we finish up the remodel within a week or so, and that my little piece of the world will be restored.  I miss it, and can't wait to open that door again and feel inspired.  In the meantime?  I'll find inspiration in my many design books and magazines; in my fellow designers' websites, blogs, and Etsy sites; and will simply find the beautiful in all the things around me.


  1. you are beautifying another area of your life right now--everything has a season! my work desk is a disaster--so i have moved to the floor in my studio. i seem to do better when i have controlled mess in my studio--the only problem is it doubles as the 'boutique' so i do have to keep it clean for shoppers. the most devoted know to go and peak on my work desk to see the good stuff i want to work on next and scoop it! may your bathroom and your studio both become areas of respite and renewal for you soon!

  2. Thanks for the inspiring words, Natasha. ♥ I am definitely looking forward to the respite and renewal that both the new soaking tub and reclaiming my space will bring. I'm also thinking getting the toilet out of there will help alot. . . ;)