Friday, October 14, 2011

Posting Again. . .

Has it really been a year since I've posted??  YIKES!  Between my "real" job, classes & shows, and life in general. . .things seem to have gotten away from me.  I'm hoping over the quieter Winter months that I'll be able to share the things I'm learning and creating, as well as introduce you to some of my very talented designer friends.  It's been amazing how welcoming and supportive they've been in my journey to create, and I can't wait to share them and their beautiful designs with you.

Here's hoping to post again soon!  ;-)


  1. yay, mimi! i didn't realize you had a blog and have really been hoping you would do a bead soup party! yours would be one of the FIRST reveals i would visit!!!

  2. Here's hoping we both win the soup lottery in January! :) I so loved your designs from the last Bead Soup Party, and would love to take part myself. You have inspired me!!